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This section will have food pictures and info!

Joshua Tree Trip

Awesome Veggie Burrito from Rosalvas

Veggie Burrito at Rosalvas 

Rosalvas Menu

Veggie chili nachos at Pappys in Pioneertown

Veggie omlete in Joshua Tree 

Crows got my chips while I was away from camp!

Home Cooking

Purée of cauliflower and roasted carrots with garlic and cashew cheese with herbs. Home made Italian sauce (tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, onion, garlic, peppers, and fresh herbs and beyond meat

Heavily reduced-gluten oatmeal berry scones, made with oatmeal, rice flour pancake mix, a bit of Bisquick, eggsnog, honey, ground hemp flaxseed and Chia seed and a little vanilla.

Halibut and scallop tostada:  Tostada; black beans salsa and cheese reduced and puréed; halibut baked in olive oil and Italian herbs, with diced zucchini shallots and peppers; scallops cooked in brown butter, olive oil, and herbs; Over the top fresh cilantro, lime juice and a little Sriracha sour cream

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